We love our volunteers – they are the backbone of our organization.  Without our doctors, nurses, and medical professionals, we could not provide the great quality of care that our patients receive.

There are lots of ways for you to get involved.  If you have medical training and want to join us, call the Clinic to review your experience and training to see the best way for you to help.  Even if you don’t have a medical background, there’s still lots to do – clerical office work, maintenance work, helping with a mailing, staffing an event, etc. Everyone will have to fill out a HIPAA Confidentiality Agreement, and licensed professionals will have to be credentialed. Please start by filling out the form below:

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In Memory of Martha Evans, RN

For at least the last 8 years, our dear friend and colleague Martha squeezed CCVIM into her very busy schedule of volunteering for many worthy causes.  Here at the clinic we knew her as a nurse who balanced out a no-nonsense knowledge base with a kind compassionate heart for the people we care for.  No matter how busy the day, we could count on Martha to get all the patient’s vitals and to get them ready to see the doctors.  Because she lived in the neighborhood, she was also willing to have us call her at the last minute when we were overwhelmed with patients.   No matter how stressful the day, Martha was always a very pleasant co-worker.

For one year, Martha did a display at the clinic in May for National Nursing Month of all her old nursing caps.  She also had a wool nurse’s cape, which she told us she used to wear while holding onto the back of the fire engine, with it flapping behind her like a superhero, when she was on her way to help.   Martha actually had her grandson, who is a pianist, present a fundraising concert to benefit the clinic.

Martha supported CCVIM’s yoga for health program, attending weekly, doing yoga with people half her age, and encouraging others to try.  Martha also welcomed some CCVIM patients into attending her square dancing group for improving their health through an activity she loved.  She was the bridge between CCVIM and the St. John’s Lutheran Church in Mifflinville.  We have received and given support to each other over the years thanks to Martha’s strong commitment to both.  Everything extra from the garden that Martha and her husband Ralph tended was brought to CCVIM to donate to patients who may not have had enough good, healthy food.

The clinic will be diminished without Martha gracing us with her presence and her many community connections.  Her colleagues here at the clinic mourn her loss and send condolences to her family and friends.

The “Book Loving Babes” group, which are friends of Martha’s daughter, Mary Kay Naunas, have made a generous donation to CCVIM in memory of Martha.  We are so grateful to be able to help patients as a legacy to Martha.  Thank you.

Memorial services to celebrate Martha’s life will be announced at a future date through the Allen Funeral Home.  Martha passed away on March 23, 2021 at age 90. 

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