We love our volunteers – they are the backbone of our organization.  Without our doctors, nurses, and medical professionals, we could not provide the great quality of care that our patients receive.

There are lots of ways for you to get involved.  If you have medical training and want to join us, call the Clinic to review your experience and training to see the best way for you to help.  Even if you don’t have a medical background, there’s still lots to do – clerical office work, maintenance work, helping with a mailing, staffing an event, etc.  Fill out the form below.

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County Volunteers in Medicine Clinic is currently looking for several doctors to see our patients during evening appointment slots.  It is not a huge time commitment.  We have doctors who volunteer one night a month, and some who do one night every other month- six times per year.  We will need to cover every other week due to a retiring provider. Evening clinic has usually been on a Thursday, from 6:00 PM until 8:30 or so.  This is crucial to serve our patients who are sometimes working more than one daytime job. We may be able to adjust the scheduled day if you are dedicated to helping.

Our doctors tell us how many patients they are comfortable seeing, and we book within the requested range.  Some docs end up loving it and are here every other week.  You can bring a colleague to volunteer as well, which lightens the workload and gives you the possibility of a valued second opinion in the next room.  The clinic sees some very interesting cases in the uninsured population that we serve, and any specialty is welcomed.

Doctors must have an active license, or volunteer license, but the necessary insurance coverage is provided by HRSA through the Clinic.  We are set up like any other medical office, with reception, waiting room, and exam rooms.  There is a dedicated support staff, including two RN/BSNs to assist, and you have the ability to consult with the Medical Director. We use Athena electronic medical records and have free labs and imaging available for diagnostics through the generosity of Geisinger.  More information on the clinic is available on our website:  http://www.ccvim.com

The thing that other doctors have reported liking the best about the clinic is the ability to adjust the time spent with patients according to the need.  Since we do not bill, a ten-minute appointment to address a presenting problem is as appropriate as an hour-long one, based solely on the doctor’s decision.

Please contact us at 570-752-1780 with any questions you may have about volunteering at the clinic, and if you can’t do it yourself at this time, please pass this along to a colleague who may be interested.

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