COVID-19 Screening: 

Before, or at, every appointment, our patients will be asked to answer the questions on this form:

Cribado de COVID-19: 

If you are infected with COVID-19 or suspect you may be, read the following fact sheet:

Have (or might have) COVID-19?

Antes o en cada cita, se les pedirá a nuestros pacientes que respondan las preguntas en este formulario:


Columbia County Volunteers in Medicine Clinic continues to be open with in-person appointments for existing and new patients to serve uninsured people in our community during this pandemic. All our patients will have the option to use telehealth, if that is practical.

As everyone is aware, the circumstances due to COVID-19 keep changing as we learn. Because CCVIM is a partner in taking care of your health, we need to be cautious while providing the care that you need, while adapting to the changes.

Please contact CCVIM at 570-752-1780 with any questions or problems, or to schedule a phone, virtual, or an in-person appointment.

In order to protect the health of all our patients, our staff, and our community, we will continue to use extra precautions to address COVID-19 in order to keep everyone as safe as possible. We appreciate your cooperation.

This is what to expect:

Continued precautions for public health will be required at CCVIM:

Physical Distancing

Our clinic is small, so to help keep everyone 6 feet apart, patients will be asked to wait in their car instead of the waiting room. There will be NO “drop ins” without a scheduled appointment. Patients may still pick up supplies or medications, but will need to make an appointment first. The door to the clinic will remain locked, even during business hours, but CCVIM has a doorbell, and someone will be answering phones from inside.

Limiting Visitors

Only one patient will be in the clinic at a time. Patients are asked to arrive at their scheduled appointment time only.  Patients will be scheduled with enough time in between appointments, so there will be no contact between them. This also gives staff time to do thorough disinfection cleaning of our facility to protect the next patient. Only the patient themselves will be allowed to enter the clinic to attend the appointment, unless a patient needs supportive assistance from a caregiver, or translator. Please make staff aware of any such needs before the appointment, and inform your support person, who will need to agree to the same conditions.

Mandatory Masks

At CCVIM, each person is required to properly wear a cloth mask over both mouth and nose the whole time, including all patients, visitors, and employees. Masks can be home-made or purchased, but if you don’t have a mask, we will provide one.

Temperature Screening

All patients, visitors, and staff will have their temperature in the lobby before entering.

Hand Washing

Patients will perform 20 second handwashing and/or sanitize hands. Staff will continue to do the same before each appointment.

Extra Clean

CCVIM will be more thoroughly cleaning after each patient, following CDC-recommended disinfecting protocols, in addition to weekly deep-cleaning.


Telehealth appointments will be offered where practical. You will get the same great care, only virtually, and from the comfort and safety of your own home. Patients who are at higher risk of infection, or with chronic health conditions, are encouraged to use this service. First, contact the clinic to make a “virtual appointment.” You will only need a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a camera, and access to the internet. There is nothing to download. CCVIM is using a HIPAA-compliant videochat program. A few minutes before the appointment time, on your device, go to: and enter your name. It’s that easy!

Respiratory Symptoms

If you are experiencing fever, cough, or shortness of breath, first of all, DON’T PANIC!  There are many other causes, including the flu, sinus infections, or even seasonal allergies.  Patients with no insurance can continue to call CCVIM if you are concerned, but be aware, no in-person appointments for respiratory symptoms or fever will be given at CCVIM at this time. Anyone with any respiratory symptoms will be asked to use the telehealth option.

Because testing for COVID-19 is not available here at the clinic, the best way to take care of the health of all our patients, our staff, and our community, is to get people who may possibly be infected with this virus directly to the appropriate resource for prompt evaluation and treatment.  The best place at this time is NOT CCVIM Clinic.  Instead, Geisinger Health has a COVID-19 Hotline to call for evaluation.  Their number is 570-284-3657.

Columbia County Volunteers In Medicine Clinic will be following recommendations from the CDC (click here: Centers for Disease Control) and the PA DOH (Click here: Pennsylvania Department of Health) in dealing with the COVID-19 (Corona) Virus.

Here is a link about how to best protect yourself from this virus:

Prepare for and Prevent Coronavirus


Esto es lo que puede esperar:

La Clínica de Voluntarios en Medicina del Condado de Columbia continúa abierta con citas en persona para pacientes nuevos y existentes para atender a personas sin seguro en nuestra comunidad durante esta pandemia. Todos nuestros pacientes tendrán la opción de usar telesalud, si eso es práctico.

Como todos saben, las circunstancias debido a COVID-19 siguen cambiando a medida que aprendemos. Debido a que CCVIM es un socio en el cuidado de su salud, debemos ser cautelosos al brindarle la atención que necesita, mientras nos adaptamos a los cambios.

Comuníquese con CCVIM al 570-752-1780 con cualquier pregunta o problema, o para programar una cita telefónica, virtual o en persona.

Para proteger la salud de todos nuestros pacientes, nuestro personal y nuestra comunidad, continuaremos tomando precauciones adicionales para abordar COVID-19 a fin de mantener a todos lo más seguros posible. Apreciamos su cooperación.


Are you getting “virus fatigue,” where you are tired of dealing with COVID-19?

Tech to the rescue! We can now fight back more efficiently, and most of us already have the tool to do so- our smartphones!

Today, Pennsylvania just announced the launch of a new app that helps you know if you might have been exposed to someone diagnosed with this virus.

It does not use the Phone’s identifying information, or the GPS to track anyone’s location. It uses the Bluetooth setting- the same technology that recognizes when your phone is near your Bluetooth in your car, or your headset, or other wireless devices you can connect to.

Privacy is not an issue. The app does not tell you who you were exposed to, just that Bluetooth recognized you were near someone who tested positive. You then can track your symptoms and decide if you need to get tested.

The app also contains data for PA that you can monitor when making decisions about what is an “acceptable exposure risk,” which varies from person to person.

Delaware is already using their state’s version of this app, and they are compatible, so that if someone is traveling, and later discovers they have COVID-19, you will be notified. You might never know that the seemingly-healthy person at the gas pump next to you without a mask (seen it firsthand!) is traveling through our community from a highly infected area, and has the virus with no symptoms. This app will inform you of those types of exposures. We are excited about the sense of having more control over risk.

Clinic staff has already downloaded the app to our phones to protect our patients, the families in our community, and ourselves! It is available to download for FREE in both Android and iPhone apps. Search for “COVID Alert PA.” No sign-in needed- just give permission for the app to do its thing. There is a photo of it attached.

Please share this information with everyone you know. The sooner we are all working together against this virus, the sooner our community can help each other defeat it.