Due to the increase in the pandemic numbers, CCVIM will be moving to telehealth at this time.

CCVIM has a reliable site for telehealth, and while it is still HIPAA compliant, it is simple to use.  It is free for all patients, and you will not need to download anything to your device.

On your computer, tablet, or smart phone, you will need a Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser. Click this link, or enter this address into the browser:

Give permission for your device to use its camera and microphone.  Enter your name and we will see you in our telehealth waiting room.

During the session, if the image freezes or the audio begins to break up, turn off your camera or microphone, then turn them right back on.  If this does not resolve the problem, then end the call, and immediately log back in.

A reminder- during the pandemic crisis- we are also able to “meet” for a session by phone, if telehealth isn’t working.

Contact us with any questions.

First, contact the clinic to make a “virtual appointment.”

A few minutes before the appointed time, on your device, go to site