What would you do if you didn’t have health insurance?

Are you one of the lucky ones with health insurance?

What would your life be like if you suddenly lost your health insurance?

How would you take care of yourself and your family if you faced a major health crisis?

How would you face the choice – medicine or food?

Hopefully, you would know about the Columbia County Volunteers in Medicine Clinic, a way to get help.  The Clinic’s free medical services and prescription support are provided to the working uninsured and there are income limits to be met.  Medical care is provided by doctors and nurses who are giving of their time and talents to serve the uninsured community.

While subsidized health insurance helped some of our former patients get health insurance, low-cost health insurance didn’t eliminate the need for people who can afford the premiums but can’t afford the deductibles and co-pays or who have to wait 6 to 8 months for an appointment.  And there are still more than 4,000 people in Columbia County alone who don’t have health insurance.

The need for free health care is still strong!

Since 2007, when the Clinic opened, our volunteers have provided 6654 patient visits thanks to the support of medical professionals, local hospitals and communities we serve.  In 2015 alone, those visits generated $341,769 in care for 685 uninsured patients, 230 of whom were new, and helped them go on with their lives.  They kept their jobs, supported their families and contributed to society in the same way as you and I.

Your support is critical to continuing to provide these vital services.  Please donate, volunteer and advocate.  On behalf of our patients, the staff and volunteers thank you!



2 thoughts on “Home

  1. CCVIM is one of the best services in our area. It helps people who work but do not have insurance coverage. It serves as a model for our government to pattern Healthcare for the working citizen of the United States of America. Great job CCVIM and blessings to all who volunteer.


  2. CCVIM is one of the best services (if not the best) in our area. It provides Healthcare to our taxpayers who work but unfortunately do not have Healthcare coverage. Keep up the good work CCVIM and a big thank you to all the wonderful volunteers.


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